What Are The Best Welding Hoods? Your questions answered below…

Welding hoods are absolutely crucial for a welder no matter if they are a hobbyist DIYer or a professional who does this as the main source of income. It’s quite obvious, but can you imagine setting a weld without face protection? It would be terrible. Heat, molting metal, UV ray exposure… tons of bad things.

Anyways, today we’re focusing on what we consider to be the top rated welding helmets, and we’ll be reviewing 3-5 popular models below. In order to show up on the list, you need to deliver on a few key things:

  • Helmet weight: A heavy helmet is going to cause you stress and produce back and general body pain. This reduces your efficiency and can cause long term health problems. All helmets on this page are considered light helmets so that they do not impact your work longevity or efficiency.
  • Viewport size: Viewport width and height is subjective, some folks like a larger viewport, while others prefer a tiny focused viewing area. We are of the belief that a larger viewport causes you to have to remove your helmet less to make a clear observation of progress, positioning, etc.
  • Switch speed: This is absolutely crucial because it is the key determinant within the helmet as to what kind of UV ray exposure you will have. UV rays are terrible for your eyes and face, so a switching speed essentially blacks out while you are welding and then as soon as you release you are able to view the outside again.
  • Control placement: Helmet controls can be placed internally or externally on the helmet. Internal controls can be difficult when in full welding gear so we prefer to recommend helmets whose controls are mounted on the outside of the helmet.
  • Price: Obviously a large factor, you need to stay within a budget that you can afford. Typically with a higher budget comes better and more features, but it’s not always the case.
  • Well rated based off multiple user feedbacks: Multiple user ratings, this means people buy it. They like it. They recommend it. End of story here.
  • Battery life and power source : You need a helmet that won’t require recharging while you are on the job. Most days you can find helmets that are solar charging. This saves you money, but does require a solar ray to pick up charge.

Antra AH6-260-0000

Antra AH6-260-0000






      • - Great Price
      • - Solar powered
      • - Light Weight


      • - Design could be considered boring to some folks

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